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Duff Thompson’s dark, alienated, and swaggering sophomore album, Shadow People, is the first of a duology of albums recorded during a late summer Montreal heatwave in 2021. Created over two weeks of intensive recording, Shadow People comprises 10 of the 20 tracks captured during these sessions. Thompson rented out the studio space at Sud-Ouest Recording Services and produced and engineered the album himself, bringing along with him a 16-track reel-to-reel and songwriter/musicians Steph Green and Kyle Taylor as his backing band and assistant engineers. Whereas Thompson’s debut album, Haywire showcased his versatility and folk influences, Shadow People is a more cohesive collection of songs that push his music further into the world of garage and indie rock. Shadow People is out October 27th on Mashed Potato Records.

Duff Thompson - Shadow People (VINYL)

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