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Side A: Upbeat drums, groovy bass, and washed out organ are balanced by Max Bien Kahn's understated and moving vocals on the warm, hazy, and melancholic, "Please Hold On". “This is a love song to everything we lose. I wrote the lyrics years ago when my grandpa was struggling with Alzheimers, but the song didn't take form until recently. When loss and grief found me, I rediscovered this song and it took on new life" says Bien Kahn. Describing the recording process, he notes "It was late spring, it was hot. We would take breaks to let the tape machines cool down, and had to record overdubs with the lights out to avoid the termite swarm in the evening. Duff Thompson, Ross Farbe, and Steph Green, some of my favorite songwriters, were playing on this session. We worked on this song all day and we got some really nice results thanks to everybody who was in that room and those magic old reel-to-reels that Mashed Potato Records is known for".

Side B: Love on Vacation is a fun, buoyant, summer pop song also recorded in collaboration around the same time with Video Age bandleader Ross Farbe. 


Release date: September 20, 2019


1. Please Hold On

2. Love On Vacation


Please Hold On
Max Bien-Kahn: Vocals, Guitar
Ross Farbe: Bass, Guitar
Duff Thompson: Drums, Organ, Harmony Vocals
Steph Green: Harmony Vocals


Written by Max Bien Kahn

Recorded & Mixed by Duff Thompson & Bill Howard

Love on Vacation
Max Bien-Kahn: Vocals, Guitar
Ross Farbe: Bass, Guitar, Keys
Defne Incirlioglu: Drums
Esther Rose: Harmony Vocals

Written by Max Bien Kahn

Recorded & Mixed by Ross Farbe

Mastered by Carl Saff

Artwork & Design by Magda Boreysza

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