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Max Bien Kahn is a songwriter and musician based in New Orleans where he is the bandleader and creative force behind Max and the Martians. Over the last six years, Bien Kahn has put out seven releases, including 7"single split, Please Hold On/Love on Vacation  which features the moving, mellow, and hazy Please Hold On on Side A and the bouyant, playful, and upbeat Love on Vacation on Side B. A perfect introduction to two sides of this prolific artist, Please Hold On/Love On Vacation was released September 20, 2019 on Mashed Potato Records. Digging deeper into Bien Kahn's discography, one will hear elements of '60s rock, country, lo-fi psych pop, and modern indie folk on albums Max & the Martians (2016) and All the Same (2021, Perpetual Doom), EPs Curtains (2019), On the Floor (Perpetual Doom, 2021), and Dauphine Street Sessions (Perpetual Doom, 2021), and 2020's Stay at Home demos. 

Bien Kahn is as multi-faceted a musician as he is prolific a songwriter: he has spent the last decade playing full-time with Tuba Skinny, a band built around the musical traditions of New Orleans, working as a studio session player and back-up musician, and collaborating with songwriters like Esther Rose, Duff Thompson, and Steph Green.

Photo by Steph Green