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Steph Green's self-produced debut album, "Thanks for That" is a kaleidoscope of loud, distorted guitars, moody and romantic country-noir, sunny beach-pop, and shuffling folk-rock that will make you both laugh and feel the good kind of crappy. The album was recorded to tape over the course of three years in New Orleans, with Duff Thompson engineering and co-producing. Green has been noted to have "..a knack for writing lyrics that play like mini Southern gothics, full of quotidien imagery that somehow makes the sentiments even more melancholy for being so potently recognizable" (Bandcamp Daily), while her production has been described as  " changing radio stations in a dream, with each new sound bringing something new, but all united in an irresistible pop reverie" (Under the Radar Magazine).

Release date: January 14, 2022


1. Next Place

2. Devotion

3. Salesman

4. Night Falls

5. Thanks for That

6. When Your Life Had Romance & Meaning

7. Look Twice

8. If Nothing Else Comes Along (Bonus)

9. I Could Take You All The Places I Have Been (Bonus)


Steph Green - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Lap Steel, Lead Guitar (1, 7), Organ (6), Synth, Electric Piano (9)

Duff Thompson - Lead Guitar (4, 8, 9), Organ (2 - 7), Drums (1-3, 5), Back-Up Vocals (4), Electric Piano (9), Piano (3), Glockenspiel (6)

Max Bien Kahn - Bass

Sam Doores - Drums (8), Piano (7), Organ (7)

Nick Shoulders - Drums (7)

Sam Gelband - Drums (4)

Ric Robertson - Organ (8)

Elizabeth Vargas - Rhythm Guitar (4)

Chris Acker - Rhythm Guitar (4)


Written & Produced by Steph Green

Engineered and Co-Produced by Duff Thompson

Additional engineering by Steph Green & Bill Howard

Mixed by Steph Green & Duff Thompson

Mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk

Photos by Costello

Design by Steph Green

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