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Mashed Potato Records is an indie record label co-owned by Duff Thompson & Steph Green, currently based in the wild North. We support music and artists that we care about, with emphasis on quality songwriting above all. Our releases are often characterized by the charm and grit of mid-fi and lo-fi recordings, and we embrace music that doesn't fit neatly into a specific genre.

MPR has been a DIY, artist-run project since its inception. Its history began with a recording project in 2016, when songwriter/musicians Bill Howard and Duff Thompson set out to capture some of the songwriters who were part of a small community of New Orleans-based artists they admired. Setting up a borrowed reel-to-reel in living rooms, vans, and other makeshift spaces, they recorded over 150 live tracks over the course of just a few months. The following year, Thompson and songwriter/musician Sam Doores set up a home recording studio, which they ran together intermittently for two years. They worked almost exclusively with old Ampex tape machines and an assortment of other vintage equipment. During that time, songwriter and frequent session musician Steph Green stepped in to collaborate with them on creating a record label that could be home to this musical output, leading to the double-release label debut, Mashed Potato Records Vol I and Mashed Potato Records Vol II. The two compilations feature favored songs from the 2016 and 2017 recording sessions, and are a time capsule of the heavily roots music-influenced songwriter community featured on them. Over the years, Mashed Potato Records has grown and evolved, maintaining close ties to the community it originated in while expanding to include music found outside of the folk realm and the city of New Orleans.


Although we appreciate every artist who takes the time to send us their music, we are currently not taking on any new projects.


Got it. Thanks!

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