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Steph Green's "Lore" is a series of vignettes depicting dreams and nightmares of the West. It's a world of towering storm clouds, flooding rivers, the smell of ponderosa pines, the pull of desert moons, and revenge, regret, and redemption under diamond skies. The natural and supernatural collide, wailing spirits wander lost highways, and shapeshifting starling murmurations soar overhead of restless loners.

 Green produced and recorded "Lore" at home on a borrowed 16-track reel-to-reel, creating a distinctive and otherworldly sound with weeping steel guitar, washy organ, and ghostly vocal layering reverberating from a distant dimension. Embarking on an almost entirely solo recording process that allowed room for experimentation, Green also enlisted long-time collaborator Duff Thompson as the rhythm section on bass and drums. Out October 20th on Mashed Potato Records, "Lore" is a rugged, eerie, and wild homage to both a real and imagined place.


Release date: October 20, 2023


1. Hold Me Under

2. Teardrop Skies

3. Arkansas Valley

4. Take a Walk

5. Last Seance

6.  Satchel

7. Mine

8. Kettle Valley


Steph Green - Vocals, Guitars, Lap Steel, Organ, Piano, Glockenspiel, Additional Percussion

Duff Thompson - Bass, Drums, Electric Guitar on "Teardrop Skies", Acoustic Guitar on "Mine", Backing Vocals on "Take a Walk"


Written, Produced, Engineered, Mixed + Photos by Steph Green

Layout by Steph Green and Minnie Heart

Additional Engineering by Duff Thompson

Mastering by Timothy Stollenwerk at Stereophonic Mastering

Lyrics from the first verse of "Last Seance" by Paul Dresser

Special thanks: Bill Howard and Duff Thompson

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Take a Walk.jpg
Take a Walk.jpg
Take a Walk.jpg
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