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Photo Credit: Costello

Steph Green's music is for those who fancy the art of songwriting, depicting a lonely world illuminated by strangeness and beauty. Her debut album, Thanks for That is a kaleidoscope of loud, distorted guitars, moody and romantic country-noir, sunny beach-pop, and shuffling folk-rock that will make you both laugh and feel the good kind of crappy. Produced by Green in collaboration with engineer/co-producer Duff Thompson, Thanks for That was recorded to tape over the course of three years in New Orleans and was released January 14, 2022 on Mashed Potato Records.

Green started out as a traveling musician playing folk music on the street. Her first venture into writing and recording her own songs came in 2016 when she recorded Salt Spring Island Tapes to a cassette 4-track. Created while living out the winter alone in a seaside barn, the raw and otherworldly folk EP reflects the DIY ethos and spirit of experimentation characteristic of Green's approach to music. Her second EP, Spooky Love was recorded the following year in New Orleans. Recorded mostly live to an old Ampex reel-to-reel, Spooky Love demonstrated Green expanding her sound to include elements of pop, garage

rock, and the lonesome, eerie side of American roots music. In addition to her own project, she has performed as a backing musician and vocalist for numerous songwriters, appearing most recently on recordings for Duff Thompson, Dean Johnson, and Max Bien Kahn. She is currently based in Canada.