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Steph Green's music is for those who fancy the art of songwriting, depicting a lonely world illuminated by strangeness and beauty. Her sophomore album, Lore, is a series of vignettes that immerse the listener in dreams and nightmares of the West. It's a world where the natural and supernatural collide, wailing spirits wander lost highways, and shapeshifting starling murmurations soar overhead of restless loners. Green produced and recorded Lore at home on a borrowed Tascam MS-16, making use of tape distortion, reverb, and warbling tremolo to color her vivid and visceral storytelling. The collection of tales are enveloped by a distinctive, otherworldly sound, with weeping steel guitar, washy organ, and ghostly vocal layering reverberating from a distant dimension. Embarking on an almost entirely solo recording process that allowed room for experimentation, Green also enlisted long-time collaborator Duff Thompson as the rhythm section on bass and drums. Out now on Mashed Potato Records, Lore is a rugged, eerie, and wild homage to both a real and imagined place. Along with the October 2023 release of Lore, the past year saw Green captivating live audiences in the US, Canada, and Europe, ending with a six-week co-headlining tour alongside Thompson, with sold-out dates in numerous major cities across North America.

Green brought the same DIY ethos and spirit of experimentation that characterizes Lore to her previous releases, all of which were also recorded analog and featured her in the roles of producer and multi-instrumentalist. Her debut album Thanks for That and second EP, Spooky Love were recorded mostly live in makeshift home studios while living in New Orleans, with both releases taking influence from a combination of garage, indie rock/pop and country music. Her first release and venture into writing and recording was the cassette 4-track EP, Salt Spring Island Tapes, created alone in a seaside barn in British Columbia, following years of traveling and performing as a street musician. In addition to her own project, Green  co-runs the indie label Mashed Potato Records and has also performed as a backing musician and vocalist for numerous songwriters over the years, appearing most recently on recordings for Duff Thompson and Dean Johnson.




"The record feels like changing radio stations in a dream, with each new sound bringing something new, but all united in an irresistible pop reverie."

"..make no mistake about it, this is one of the most captivating Folk and Alt Country releases of 2023".

"Open-ended enough to let your mind run wild with possibilities, with a musical flourish that’s at once forward thinking and delightfully familiar. It’s an early shout, but don’t be surprised if Thanks For That is one of 2022’s first great records." 

"Steph Green pairs her arresting songwriting with forlorn lap steel and honey-coated, heart-wrenching vocal deliveries."

“..Quite a sonic experience, filled to its tippy top with delightful spoonfuls of ear candy."

"a unique blend of indie pop and folk, but like all quality music, it can’t be so easily pigeonholed. Her songwriting is imbued with a sense of timelessness and depth, drawing inspiration from the classics while remaining refreshingly contemporary. Every instrument is layered to build a crescendo of emotion that envelops the listener".