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Photo Credit:  Duff Thompson and Steph Green

Steph Green's music is for those who fancy the art of songwriting, depicting a lonely world illuminated by strangeness and beauty. Her sophomore album, Lore, is a series of vignettes that immerse the listener in dreams and nightmares of the West. It's a world where the natural and supernatural collide, wailing spirits wander lost highways, and shapeshifting starling murmurations soar overhead of restless loners. Green produced and recorded Lore at home on a borrowed Tascam MS-16, and the collection of tales are enveloped by a distinctive, otherworldly sound, with weeping steel guitar, washy organ, and ghostly vocal layering reverberating from a distant dimension. Out now on Mashed Potato Records, Lore is a rugged, eerie, and wild homage to both a real and imagined place.

Green started out as a traveling street musician before the chance acquisition of a cassette 4-track led her to start writing and recording her own songs. Her sound is a distinctive blend of indie pop, folk, and garage rock, and her lyrics reveal an affecting and arresting storyteller. A spirit of independence and experimentation characterize Green's approach to music, with all of her releases variously featuring her in the roles of producer, engineer, and multi-instrumentalist. Along with the October 2023 release of Lore, the past year saw her captivating live audiences in the US, Canada, and Europe, ending with a six-week co-headlining tour alongside Duff Thompson, with sold-out dates in numerous major cities across North America. In addition to her own project, Green co-runs the DIY label Mashed Potato Records, and has performed as a backing musician for numerous other songwriters over years, appearing most recently on recordings for Duff Thompson and Dean Johnson.