Mashed Potato Records began as a recording project in 2016. Using living rooms, vans, and other makeshift spaces, Bill Howard and Duff Thompson set out to capture some of the songwriters who were part of a small community of New Orleans-based artists they admired. Sam Doores quickly became involved and the following year Doores and Thompson set up a recording studio, which they ran together intermittently for two years. They worked almost exclusively with old Ampex tape machines and an assortment of other vintage equipment. 

As a label, it has been a DIY, artist-run project founded by Duff Thompson,

Steph Green, and Sam Doores.

The first official releases from MPR, Mashed Potato Records Vol I and Mashed Potato Records Vol II are compilations of favored songs from the 2016 and 2017 recording sessions. 



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