Mashed Potato Records began as a recording project in 2016. Using living rooms, vans, and other makeshift spaces, Bill Howard and Duff Thompson set out to capture some of the songwriters who were part of a small community of New Orleans-based artists they admired. Sam Doores quickly became involved and proposed the idea of creating a record label, and so came to be Mashed Potato Records. The following year Doores and Thompson set up a recording studio, which they currently continue to run. They work almost exclusively with old Ampex tape machines and an assortment of other vintage equipment. 

As a record label, Mashed Potato Records only releases music that has been recorded at the MPR studio. The first official releases from MPR, Mashed Potato Records Vol I and Mashed Potato Records Vol II are selections of favoured songs from the 2016 and 2017 recording sessions. 





Mashed Potato Studio

Separate from the label, Mashed Potato also offers recording services. We specialize in live recording on an Ampex 351-2, though some exceptions may be made for minimal overdubbing. If interested please e-mail us with a description of your recording project, links to music you've recorded, and any questions you may have. We appreciate every artist who expresses an interest in working together and will get back to you to let you know whether or not we feel your project would be a good fit with the studio.